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Fishing is an activity whose dangers are well recognized. All Azorean Fishermen risk their lives on a daily basis to get the best seafood, especially during the winter.

However, with the technological advances, the risks have been greatly controlled. The improvements in weather forecasts , GPS, Satellite communications, the design of the fishing boats, the new engines and fishermen education have all led to safer practices. Also, the authorities have undertaken a great effort supervising fishing boats, clearly improving the statistics related to accidents.

The Azorean Islands have some climacteric singularities that often pose difficulties to this activity, particularly when it comes to getting seafood from areas that present strong hydrodynamic activity. Barnacles and limpets are good examples of this fact. Our company does its best to minimize the risks for those who work with us, as we follow all safety rules relative to apnea diving and our boats are all equipped according to the present legislation. This, plus the years of experience, allows us to get seafood under conditions that for others would seem impossible or just too risky.

However, we still obey the ultimate “law”, common to all fishermen: “there is no fish worth a life”.

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