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The “Azorean Brand” offers our company some advantages. However, we obtained this certification especially because of our clients.

This seal allows our customers  an excellent competitive advantage , especially concerning the marketing of these products. Either being restaurants, wholesalers or retailers, they can all announce their certified origin. The Azorean Islands immediately take people´s imagination to such concepts as “sustainability” or “purity”, which can differentiate these products from similar ones with other origins.

We suggest the consultation of the website of Marca Açores at or contacting us for more information.



The quality certifications represent only a part of our company´s investment in this particular area. The compromise, the consistence and the skills of each “link in the chain” are essential for a quality product.

Flying Fish Azores strives, as a team, to follow all safety rules and to standardize all procedures with the following goals:

  • Commercialize the freshest products

  • Attend and even exceed the clients expectations, adapting to their needs

  • Invest in facilities, training and research to improve all our actions

  • Oversee the fulfillment of the proceedings instituted by this company from behalf of our direct collaborators.



We have hired a local company that supervises our facilities and proceedings to help us following all safety regulations.

We also adapted some of these rules to our own shellfish catching activity in our boats, in order to increase the quality of the product.



All our products must have a first sell in “Lota”. This leads simultaneously to a certificate of origin and a quality inspection of the product. The “Lota” technicians analyze all seafood that is sold there and, in case of any doubt, there is a permanent Veterinary Doctor in the facilities.



Our company works with “Marca Açores”. Besides all advantages in terms of marketing and competitiveness, we like to point out the certification that all proceedings referring to the commercialization of our products are in consistency with the specifications of this quality seal.


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