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The seafood stocks in the Azorean Exclusive Economical Zone are considered as “healthy”. However, our ecosystem is fragile, among other reasons, because it depends on external influences and the best fishing areas are limited.

The studies that have been undertaken by the Azorean Government and by the Universidade dos Açores (Azorean University – UAC) suggest that the current capture levels can be maintained. Nevertheless, all studies point out the potential for over-exploitation.

There are reservation Areas in each Island, as well as in some offshore seamounts where fishing is not allowed. Also, there are closed periods for many species. These rules are imperative when considering the maintenance of our ecosystem.

Our company fully respects the legal framework, either when getting our own products or when buying to our suppliers or other fishermen. We also have internal policies aiming waste minimization. Within this concept of action we are currently planning some studies to improve the longevity of live packed seafood to gain new markets and minimize product losses.

Our ways of traditional fishing can benefit from the technological advances and still be sustainable. This way of fishing is, as we see it, the only one that allows the best products while being sustainable. Ultimately, this provides the consumer a “product with history”.

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