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There are two ways we use for packing fish: (1) fish is protected by a plastic cover when unpacked ice is used  and (2) packed and sealed ice is used, so that the product never gets in touch with fresh water. Shellfish is humidified with sea water and then placed inside the styrofoam boxes along with a sealed sac of ice, so that enough air remains for the animal to breath. Then the Styrofoam box is sealed and, in turn, placed inside two plastic bags that are also sealed.

If the client wishes to change anything concerning this protocol, we should be warned at least 48 hours before shipment.



Our company is responsible for all packing, transportation and bureaucratic procedures before shipment. We are also responsible for all our local distributions.  As we operate in a relatively small island and our facilities are strategically situated (nearby the airport and the main fishing dock-“Lota”), this allows us to rapidly obtain the product and having it ready for shipping as quickly as necessary.

We use a cold van for all distributions that imply having the product properly packed for over an hour in Styrofoam boxes.

If the client prefers having a customs broker and delivery service from a specialized company, we are glad to help him/her finding such a service if needed.

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